Deep River Solar.jpg

Deep River

288kW of solar generation. 

Located 10 km west of Deep River, Ontario. 

Built, owned and operated by Azgard Corporation.  

Completed in 2016.


Black Bay

1.44 MW of solar generation. 

Located near Red Rock, Ontario. 

Built, owned and operated by Azgard.

Completed in 2015.

Rack used:

Fixed ground mount 1.jpg
  • 32 to 40 modules per racking unit

  • Fast, simple installation process

  • Manufactured in Canada

  • Galvanized steel construction

Fixed ground mount 2.jpg
  • High wind and snow load capacity


  • Certified for bonding to UL2703


  • Compatible to various foundation types

  • Choice of fixed angle; 20 - 50 degrees