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The SunRanger:

ST-300 Single Tilt Racking System


  • Engineered to withstand wind velocity of 110km/hr
    and a snow load of 45lbs per square foot

  • Manufactured from Galvanized Steel


  • Fast and efficient

  • Pre-assembly lowers field labour costs


  • Simple manual tilt adjustment

  • Increased annual revenue compared to fixed system


  • Low maintenance design

  • No motorization eliminates costly repairs and downtime



CS3U-335 | 340 | 345P

  • Canadian Solar modules use the latest innovative cell technology, increasing module power output and system reliability, ensured by 15 years of experience in module manufacturing, well-engineered module design, stringent BOM quality testing, an automated manufacturing process and 100% EL testing

  • 25 year linear power output warranty

  • 10 year product warranty on materials and workmanship


APsystems QS1


  • 4-module microinverter with independent MPPT per panel

  • 300% faster installation than conventional microinverters

  • Highest peak power output of 300W per channel

  • Wider MPPT voltage range for greater energy harvest

  • Accommodates PV panels up to 375W

  • 2.4GHz ZigBee mesh network (3X faster than PLC)

  • Common AC trunk cable w/ YC600; flexible, mix-and-match compatibility