Manually adjusted tilt is center balanced for easy movement


Four Season Adjustment increases energy production

SunRanger ST - Seasonal Tilt Racking

SunRanger FX – Fixed Ground Mount Racking

Fixed ground mount 1.jpg
Fixed ground mount 2.jpg

Azgard Solar is one of the only solar racking companies that can design and engineer a foundation and racking system to fully maximize the efficiency for your solar project.  By integrating the foundation and racking in one step we can provide you with the most cost effective foundation and racking design for your solar project.

Our helical screw pile and concrete expertise separates us from other racking
companies and gives you the completive advantage in you solar project.

Azgard Solar can provide standard fixed racking for your solar project or if your solar project has some unique requirements we can custom design features specific to your project’s needs.

Single Axis Tracker


Azgard Solar Inc. will be introducing its new Single Axis Tracker, Q2 2021.

Stay tuned for more details to come.